Travel Itinerary Idea to Cameron Highlands during Chinese New Year

Hi, I am from KL. It will be my first time driving up to Cameron Highlands with my family members. I am really anxious about the trip and need to ensure all works well. Could you please help to look at my itinerary if they are ok in terms of the travelling routes? I am not sure if I should go Sg. Palas Boh Tea or the one at Bahu because I stay in Brinchang??

Monday 11-Feb (Day 1)

-Morning drive up to Cameron Highlands from KL
-Lunch probably in one of those PLUS Expressway R&R places
-Afternoon reach Brinchang, heading down to Tanah Rata - Maybank to wait for my cousin brother
-Tea together at Uncle Chow Kopitiam
-Heading up to Brinchang - Denver's @ Rose Apartment, check-in and rest

Tuesday 12-Feb (Day 2)

-Wake up early
-Home-made breakfast at the apartment
-Visit Sg. Palas Boh Tea Plantation / Boh Tea Garden at Habu then tea/scones at Bharat Tea
-Visit Cactus Valley
-Visit Hill Strawberry Farm
-Visit Night market at Tanah Rata (is there a night market at Brinchang?)
-Dinner at Hong Kong Restaurant or restaurant around Brinchang

Wednesday 13-Feb (Day 3)

-Wake up early
-Breakfast at the chinese food stall at Brinchang area
-Visit Kea Farm
-Back to apartment to pack-up
-Visit Green View Garden to buy strawberries/jam on the way down back to KL

Appreciate if you could advise me if my itinerary sound OK?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks,
Aileen Oon
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Dear Aileen

Suggest you drive up via Tapah route as the day you are traveling is on CNY

Although it CNY and Chinese market hawkers may or may not set up Brinchang Night Market, nowadays there are other hawkers (Malay, Indian, Bangla, Indon, etc) so it high chance it would be on. Plus tourist like to park haphazard visiting nurseries, Kea Farm and other sights along the route causing massive traffic jams from Kg Raja all the way to Brinchang. Even if you were to travel early arfternoon you still may get stuck in slow moving traffic. Use the Tapah route up, although more tricky, would save you a lot of time (even if you were stuck behind a lorry or bus going uphill). My friends and relative experience for the traffic jam, about 4 hours+ from Kg Raja to Brinchang! Nope, I wouldn't enjoy that. Plus the ladies needed to use the loo, and they could actually walked out of the car, do their business (don't know where they found the bathroom), and catch up with the car to join back the jam! They marveled that we could still sip a cup of tea at Bharat, chit chat here and there before checking in at Greenhill apartment and still arrived earlier than them!

Visiting Tea Plantation can be difficult, again due to heavy traffic. Although the Sg Palas has a very beautiful cliff hanger tea house, be prepared to jam all the way in. Otherwise go to Habu side. Traffic may still be heavy but probably less headache than Sg Palas. Or perhaps leave your tea plantation visit to last day as that would be a working day (no more public holiday). Then again, many people would still be on leave, but perhaps the traffic would be lighter as some people will have to return to go to work.

Kea Farm on last day is good idea.

Anyway, it is holiday season, expect lots of people and heavy traffic, don't try to cram in too many sight, relax and enjoy your time! Missed any sights, come back again next time!


Dear Jan,

Many thanks for your quick response to my enquiry.
Your website is very information and very helpful. The information from you is certainly useful for my journey up to Cameron Highlands.

I would be a massive jam, although I really hate it but sort of expected.

Gong xi fa cai and a very happy chinese new year to you and family!

Best wishes,

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