Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highlands - Just Love It!

Stayed in Equatorial Hotel Cameron for 3 days two nights, it was superb!

Really great service, clean, efficient, scenic, breathtaking view, perfect location (next to many locations). The western style grill, coffee house and Chinese cuisine restaurant were really superb. We were very impressed.

Its a tiny 1970s period enclave time capsule - a perfect example of a perfectly run 1970s era hotel. I would return to stay at this hotel again and again, i am in love with it.

It looks and smells like 1970s - that signature wet carpet stale cigarette moldy curtain bouquet - I CAN'T GET ENOUGH OF IT !!!

I enjoyed Cameron highlands so much I would visit it and spend Christmas there every year from now. Its like a Malaysian Switzerland !!!

Foo Cheow Ming


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Good for him/her, just gotta love it!

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